MGGS Letterbox Challenge 2021

MGGS Letterbox Challenge_students

As students in Year 9 at MGGS will embark on their GCSE Product Design course, they have been set a challenge to design and make a prototype for a flat pack, self assembly product that can be delivered through a standard letterbox. Students have been working through the three main stages of the design process from analyse/investigate, to highlight/define/specify, to articulate/communicate. These stages are critical in what is a highly iterative design process. 

Challenging students to generate ideas that depict originality and creativity whilst simultaneously working within a range of specific design restrictions is no easy task. However, students have produced some phenomenal work and they have really impressed the DT department with their justified thinking and the quality of their designing and making skills.

MGGS Letterbox Challenge        Letterbox Challenge at mggs

Letterbox Challenge by mggs students        MGGS students Letterbox Challenge

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