MGGS Pop Art to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Pop ArtWe are delighted to share with you some artwork of our Late Queen Elizabeth II. 

In May this year Mrs Pacifico, Art Teacher at MGGS asked Year 9 for a Pop Art hero piece, inspired in the style of Andy Warhol.  We are delighted to share Bernice H’s  (9A), interpretation of her hero Queen Elizabeth II along with Mrs Pacifico’s artwork which was published in our MGGS Scrapbook – The story of a school throughout Covid-19.

Also featured is Carmen F’s (Year 12) amazing painting which was painted with her mouth in response to an artist who is a quadriplegic.

MGGS Artworks of Her Magesty Queen Elizabeth II_commemoration          MGGS Artworks of Her Magesty Queen Elizabeth II_inspiration

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