This year’s Sports day at MGGS was one to remember. With a high morale and team spirit, records were smashed by the Danes and gave us an amazing result of 3rd place. The determination to win sports day from the students was outstanding and not only do we have impeccable teamwork, but we are one huge family! Two records were broken: Maia H in Year 10 breaking the Javelin record with a whopping 27.5 metres and Galado O winning the Rowing in Year 8. These especially made us proud to be your house leaders. Thank you so much for all of your efforts; next stop, House Arts!!


Sports Day was our very first event as the new Normans House Leaders, and a very important date in the MGGS calendar. In the run-up to the event we were very excited as it was our first chance to work closely with our house whilst obviously competing against the rest of the school.

The atmosphere throughout the day was amazing and the talent and house spirit was incredible! It was great to see the support and enthusiasm that Normans had for all our competitors. We are very proud of each and every Norman and would like to thank our house for their brilliant dedication and commitment during the day. We feel that as a result of this event we were able to further bond with many of the younger students and get to know their individual strengths. Although the Sports Day result was not what we hoped for we know that every Norman genuinely tried their best and that was so good to see on the day.

We are extremely excited for all our upcoming events, and are eager to show the talent, enthusiasm and hard work from the Normans House.


This year for Sports Day, there was a real sense of the Vikings community on show, with everyone doing their part. The determination and perseverance of everyone led our house to succeed and be the overall winners of Sports Day 2019!!! We discovered on the afternoon that this was Vikings’ first win since 2001!!! It was such a fantastic and thrilling day for everyone, seeing all the smiles as we were crowned Sports Day winners!!! As house leaders we were all so proud of the effort put in that day, with three of our Viking students breaking school records, including Lucy T setting the new long jump record! We hope to continue this support and community feel within our house, ready for more house events coming up soon.


Another fun Sports Day gone by too quickly! Although we did not win, everyone participated and supported the house with lots of enthusiasm. The day was hot and sunny, which reflected our cheerful mood well. We had many successes during the day and we even broke a record for 800m – well done Rebecca! Thank you to all the Saxons for a memorable Sports Day that we house leaders will never forget. 

We are proud of everyone! 💚

Go Saxons Go Saxons Go Saxons


Sports day was a big success, from Niamh M setting the new record in the Year 10 Rowing Event, to the money raised for the Eco Society selling Ice Pops.

There were a few individual success stories including Niamh’s triumph, as previously mentioned, and Michael M’s victory in the boys’ 100m race (plus many more). The overall team performance led to some disappointment, as we finished in 5th place overall, but this isn’t as black and white as it may seem. What do we define as success? Is it the improvement from 6th place to 5th this year? Is it the large sum of money raised to benefit our environment? Or is it the roaring Britons crowd supporting each other no matter what position they were in, embodying the community spirit felt by all?! After all we feel we are more than a House; we are a family. To us that is the true meaning of success.


Romans house came second in Sports Day, which was a massive achievement and we are so proud of everyone that took part and made it an enjoyable day. Everyone in the house was enthusiastic to join in and created a community feel for all, making it clear that everyone is proud to be a Roman!  Well done to all who took part!

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