MGGS Summer Works … looking good!

There have been a number of site projects completed over the Summer ahead of the new building project with Baxalls, which is now underway.

DT Refurbishment:

  • Carried out by Baxalls
  • Asbestos stripped out of lower corridor
  • Transfer of Textiles to N Block

Major Changes:

  • New windows on part of C Block
  • Canteen Canopy – groundwork started
  • Magnolia pathway and steps

C Block windows – before and after!

C Block Windows before 1 C Block Windows after

More C Block windows – before and after!

More C Block windows before More C Block windows after

Magnolia steps – before and after!

Magnolia steps before      Magnolia steps after


  • C Block staircase has been refurbished
  • 2 skypods have been replaced
  • 3 loft ladder hatches have been installed, inc. C205!
  • All Buckland House corridors have been repainted

C Block staircase – before and after!

C Block staircase before     C Block staircase after

Preliminary works for the new building have begun. Firstly addressing the need to get services there!

Preliminary works

Hall floor being polished by Vasylyna and Iwona from Ridgecrest!