MGGS Summer Works … looking good!

There have been a number of site projects completed over the Summer ahead of the new building project with Baxalls, which is now underway.

DT Refurbishment:

  • Carried out by Baxalls
  • Asbestos stripped out of lower corridor
  • Transfer of Textiles to N Block

Major Changes:

  • New windows on part of C Block
  • Canteen Canopy – groundwork started
  • Magnolia pathway and steps

C Block windows – before and after!

C Block Windows before 1 C Block Windows after

More C Block windows – before and after!

More C Block windows before More C Block windows after

Magnolia steps – before and after!

Magnolia steps before      Magnolia steps after


  • C Block staircase has been refurbished
  • 2 skypods have been replaced
  • 3 loft ladder hatches have been installed, inc. C205!
  • All Buckland House corridors have been repainted

C Block staircase – before and after!

C Block staircase before