This year has seen some new developments with the primary school tours of our World War 2 air raid shelters.

Following feedback in previous years it was decided to extend the visit to cover a whole day. Visitors were given a brief history of MGGS and told about the changes the school underwent when war broke out. Heading underground, time was then spent experiencing the conditions and atmosphere of an authentic World War 2 shelter, before having lunch and a playtime reflective of bygone times. No phones or screens for our guests! Instead, they enjoyed skipping, hopscotch, wooden diabolos, hoops and sticks, whip and top, and ball and cup games. All were received with delight by our young visitors before they headed back to the classroom to find out about rationing, the U Boat threat and the problems of guaranteeing that food and raw materials reached Britain safely.

Finally, another new activity on offer was a fun decoding exercise. Children imagined working in a top-secret World War 2 department and were given the task of decoding their very own secret wartime message. They could then use their skills to plot the position of a ship on their maps.

Retaining all of the interest of previous visits but with some changes to the itinerary, the tours this year have offered both an immersive and exciting World War Two experience, and, very importantly, lots of fun too! We look forward to welcoming more of our friends from local Primary Schools next year.

Pictured are guests from Harrietsham Primary School try out traditional games as part of their day visiting the MGGS Tunnels.

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