MGGS Year 11 Canterbury Urban Geography Fieldtrip

Year_11_Geography_fieldtrip_canterburyLast week our Year 11 Geographers visited Canterbury to complete their Human Geography Fieldwork. The sun was shining for them whilst they collected a variety of different data. They were collecting this to see if ‘Regeneration had been more successful at site 1 – Whitefriars, or site 2 – The Marlowe Theatre’.

Once back at school in the afternoon students completed a session looking at how the data they had collected in the morning could help them answer their unseen fieldwork questions in their GCSE examinations this summer.

“On the trip on Wednesday, we went to Canterbury, where we did human fieldwork. This consisted of an environmental quality survey, pedestrian count and land use map, which we recorded for 2 different sites. The data we collected and recorded helped us discover which of the two sites regeneration had been more successful at!” Isabella P 

“I would say that this trip was very beneficial in improving my geographical and general knowledge. I was able to compare regeneration and development in 2 different areas of Canterbury and I found it very interesting to carry out the different surveys in order to compare the two sites” Pushti V

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