MGGS Year 6 Transitioning Event – Spikeball!

Year 6 Transitioning Event at mggs - Spikeball!

Last week we were delighted to have our forthcoming new Year 7 students and their parents and carers at MGGS again to take part in one of their transitioning events – the new fun activity… Spikeball.  So, what is Spikeball?  Opposing teams line up across from each other with the Spikeball net in the centre – whichis actually a trampoline-  and then bounce the ball via the trampoline to their other team members! Our Head of PE, Mrs Robbins, got everyone warmed up and then taught the skills of the game supported by our GCSE PE students.  

The weather was just perfect which enabled everyone to enjoy the experience on our field.  One parent commented, “It was so nice for the parents to be included as well.  Everyone is really enjoying themselves, this is such a great transition event!”  There was even time for some chilled fruit juices and fruit kebabs!

We are looking forward to seeing parents and carers again on Monday, 27th June for the pre-loved sustainable uniform sale followed by New Year 7 Information evening.


MGGS Year 6 Transitioning Event - Spikeball!

Year 6 mggs Transitioning Event - Spikeball!    MGGS host Year 6 Transitioning Event - Spikeball!

MGGS welcome Year 6 Transitioning Event - Spikeball!    Amazing MGGS Year 6 Transitioning Event - Spikeball!

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