Move and Code Workshop – Year 7 at MGGS

We were delighted to welcome Pell Ensemble into school on 15th March to deliver their innovative Move & Code workshop to a group of year 7 students. Pell Ensemble have created a unique teaching programme combining movement, programming and physical computing to build an immersive experience for students and MGGS is the first secondary school in Kent to take part. The aim of the programme is to inspire students to engage with computing and introduce skills to prepare them for future study and a career in computing or the creative digital world. 

The students started the day with movement, creating their own moves to introduce themselves. This was followed by a programming and physical computing session where the students worked in groups to learn about code and used a Crumble controller, LED light boards and other components to create a circuit and programme a colour-changing light. 

Students then created and rehearsed their own choreography sequence in the next session matching each of their moves to a colour on their light boards.

The day culminated in an interactive and challenging performance with the audience controlling the sequence of choreography, using the circuits made earlier to change the colour of the light, and indicating which move the dancers should make next. The students’ performances, great teamwork, and computing capabilities were highly praised by the workshop leaders. 

Pell Ensemble are preparing a pioneering weeklong summer programme at MGGS this August and are currently looking to build partnerships with local businesses that would like to support this programme through sponsorship or donations which will be used to create free access for all students. If you or your company would like to get involved please contact Mrs Gall at and you will be invited to a virtual presentation later this term.

Move and Code workshop_Pell_Ensemble

Move and Code workshop_Pell_Ensemble_at_mggs

Move and Code workshop_Pell_Ensemble_at_mggs_by_students

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