Nancy Shaves Her Hair for the Little Princess Trust! … Hair Today… Gone Tomorrow


I am Nancy B and I am in Year 9 at Maidstone Grammar School for Girls. I have been wanting to cut my hair for a while now, and thought I would go that step further. I will be shaving my hair off – a number 4 all over. I will be donating the hair to the Little Princess Trust who I am also raising money for. They provide free wigs for young people up to the age of 24, who have lost their hair due to cancer. So far, outside of school, I have raised £1,000+ in sponsorship which is much more than I ever could have expected!

I have a separate website for school donations, which I will link below. My target here is £100; however, I would be grateful for any donations. There will be posters dotted around the school that will also have detailed information on them. 

Nancy_Shaves_Her_Hair_for_CharityI will be doing this on 15th July which is the second to last day of the school year! I am very excited and genuinely happy knowing that my donation could make all the difference to someone else’s life. Click here to make a donation at my just-giving site.  Thank you!

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