Nepal Visit 2023

Nepal Trip MGGS 2On Wednesday 8th February 52 students and 8 staff from MGGS travelled 4,530 miles to Nepal to start a 12 day expedition and adventure including visiting temples, trekking through the Annapurna Mountain Range and visiting our partner school, ‘Himilaya Milan School’, to paint classrooms and hand out donations collected by the MGGS community. Our students were split into 3 teams for their adventure and got to experience the wonderful culture, food and physical environment that Nepal has to offer. They showed their excellent resilience in adapting to different situations and environments, they were an inspiration to themselves and MGGS with  how they rose to challenges,  their support for each other was unconditional, and made us as staff very proud of their excellent personal achievements that they gained.

‘Nepal was an incredible experience and opened my eyes to a new way of life and an entirely different landscape to the one we see everyday. Waking up having breakfast in front of the Annapurna mountain range is something I will never forget and seeing all the children’s faces light up when we distributed donations which we had collected from pupils at our school was an extremely special moment. I’ll never forget the time I had in this beautiful country meeting people who had pure hearts of gold. I learnt so much about the history and culture of the country and it has lit a spark in me to explore more countries and to extend kindness and love within their communities, meeting people who will always leave an imprint in my life, just like those I met in Nepal.’

Bethya G

‘We had the best two weeks in Nepal! It was an amazing trip with so many different experiences – from a few days in Kathmandu, trying delicious food and visiting places such as the Monkey Temple, to a few days in Pokhara, seeing the beautiful lake and doing a hike to a temple, to 3 days trekking among the amazing views, to finally 3 days at the school in Tang Ting, playing games with the children and painting the school buildings. My highlight was the days spent in Pokhara, with evening karaoke, delicious food, and amazing views. Everyone became so much closer as a group, and I have memories to last a lifetime.’

Ellie D

‘For me, Nepal was one of the best trips that I have done in my life. It was absolutely brilliant to spend time with new people whom I would never have spoken to if it wasn’t for this trip. It was also a wonderful and surreal experience to see the mountains and to live amongst them, where I felt the happiest I have for a while. All in all, this trip was worth every penny for me and I would do it all over again. The people that we got to spend time with and meet in Nepal were incredibly kind and polite with us and it goes without saying that the food was amazingly delicious!’

Pushti V

Nepal Trip MGGS