Non-School Uniform – Multicultural Day: 24th April 2023

As a celebration of the diversity of our school community, Monday 24th April will be a non-uniform day. We encourage our students, if they wish to do so, to come into school wearing clothing that reflects their personal identity: their ethnic/family background, their hobbies, a flag or colours representing the flag they identify with, a shirt representing the club/team they support, etc…

Please note that, in order to avoid cultural appropriation, we have asked students to wear clothing that is representative of their own identity and not someone else’s.

If students wish to wear their own clothes on that day, we will request a payment of £1 in cash which will be collected during morning registration. 

I would like to remind you that the dress code needs to be appropriate for school, students are not permitted to wear strappy tops, crop tops (unless with a longer top underneath which covers their midriff), ripped jeans, shorts, very short skirts or high heels.  If students wish to wear leggings, they must ensure that they are covered with a top of suitable length (just above the knee or longer).  The school policy regarding head covering, make-up, nail varnish and jewellery still applies and such items are not permitted. 

There will be a bake sale at lunchtime and we have encouraged all our students to bring, on the day, food that can be sold in aid of all 3 student-elected charities:

a local charity : Oasis Domestic Abuse

a national charity: RSPCA

a charity supporting diversity: Just Like Us 

NB: all food must be labelled with all the ingredients, it cannot be refrigerated and must NOT contain nuts.

If students do not wish to participate, they are not obliged to, and can wear their school uniform to school on that day. 

Many thanks in advance for your support.

Non-School Uniform - Multicultural Day 24th April 2023 at mggs

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