Our future Year 7s visit MGGS for GloJam Extravaganza

On Wednesday this week MGGS welcomed our future Year 7 students to MGGS for an action-packed, fun-filled GloJam dance workout in the form of our famous GloJam experience.  Students were lead by some of our Year 12 students Isabella B, Amelia H, Francesca S and Brogan W.

Well done to all students attending, you fully embraced the ‘spirit’ of MGGS.  We shouldn’t forget to mention parents/carers and siblings that joined in at the end of the final routines… amazing!

We are looking forward to welcoming our future Year 7 students back for more transition events shortly and just can’t wait until you join us in September.

GloJam action at MGGS  GloJam at MGGS

 GloJam Extravaganza

Mggs host GloJam event for new Y7s  MGGS host GloJam event

New Y7 enjoy GloJam at mggs  New Y7 GloJam event

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