Secret Garden Project Breaks Ground!

We were delighted to be able to get the “Secret Garden” project Gardening Club up and running last week. 

Year 7 students are working to create a wellbeing garden in the Chemistry Quad, and this week planted daffodil bulbs and learnt how to use the tools safely. They also got very excited discovering all of the animals below the surface!

A massive thank you to the Pleasant View Garden Centre who kindly donated a range of seeds and bulbs and a new spade for the Gardening Club.

We look forward to seeing our daffodils in bloom in the Spring!

Are you a keen gardener?  Do you have a seedling or two to spare?  If so please get in touch with details via

Secret Garden Project    Secret Garden Project Breaks Ground

Secret Garden Project Breaks Ground at MGGS    MGGS Secret Garden Project

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