MGGS was buzzing with Year 11 students and their families on Thursday evening as they start making their choices for Sixth Form next year! Both current students and potential new students to MGGS enjoyed speaking to our subject specialists and Sixth Form students about the courses that we offer.

What our current students say about going into our Sixth Form:
“It is great to stay at MGGS as you already know the school and it will be a lot less stressful and nerve-wracking on the first day of Sixth Form! The dynamic changes as you get more opportunities for student leadership and to get involved with helping out around the school. I would never have truly considered anywhere else as I couldn’t feel more at home here.”

What our new students say about the Sixth Form:
“I can’t believe how different a school can be! I am so much happier and feel so much more valued as staff are genuinely interested in both my wellbeing and personal aspirations. My teachers are supportive, understanding and approachable. There is just a lovely atmosphere! I would recommend MGGS to everyone.”

Currently at MGGS? Focus Day 2 in December will include a session to identify and make your subject choices.
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