Sports Day 2022 – and the winners are … Vikings!

This week we were able to celebrate our school house community with our annual Sports Day. House Leaders have been working incredibly hard to fill all the events with competitors and make this event one to remember. Our thanks goes to all the House Leaders who worked tirelessly and enthusiastically to make this such a special event. 

Sports Day was truly fantastic this year.  Unfortunately due to the weather we did have to make some minor changes to the original planned date, with field events taking place last week and the track events taking place on Wednesday this week. It was, as always, especially great to see the school Houses come together and act as a family!

Winners: Vikings with  344 points gaining 400 House Points

Second Place: Romans with 325 points gaining 300 House Points

Third Place: Danes with 303 point gaining 200 House Points

The support that everyone showesd for one another was immense and left us very proud to be responsible for such an enthusiastic group of young people at MGGS. A huge thank you to everyone who has made it a great year so far!

Winners - Vikings

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