The Great Big Lesson for Climate and Nature: Live from COP26!

On Friday 5th November the Geography department took part in AimHi Earth’s national live lesson linked to COP26. Year 9 and Sixth Form students took part in the lesson live at 9am where they looked at the impact climate change is having on the environment and how we can try and reduce this. As a department we feel that it is important that students are aware of their impact on the world around them and are active in discussions about current global issues.

Here are some thoughts about the lesson from some of our students:

Maisie C – “I now feel more open-minded about our planet and how we can take care of it.”

Peace D – “I never thought I could find out so much in just one live lesson, it was a really fun and interactive activity to do which really added to the working environment in the classroom.”

Flora G – “The live lesson for COP26 taught us about the current issues of the environment. It showed us about global warming, greenhouse gases and gave the ideas of some solutions that are being developed.”

Sophie H – “I enjoyed the big live lesson and found it very interesting. I found out lots of new facts and it made me think about climate change and my role in trying to resolve it.”

The Great Big Lesson for Climate and Nature Live from COP26!

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