The Great MGGS Picnic

“They had a very fine day… Nothing was wanting”.  Jane Austen – Emma

The word picnic evokes happy memories, nice images, and fun times with friends and family. Picnics have such a long cultural and literary history that we unintentionally get inspired by famous literary works, films, and paintings when we think of them.  The Great MGGS picnic was reminiscent of a picnic in a Jane Austen novel.  We had all the ingredients of a perfect picnic; good weather, nice food and most importantly our school community.  It was a pleasure to see staff and students taking the time to simply talk, eat and play games.  The English department were playing a word game using poetry techniques whilst a group of year 8 students were playing Uno.  There was a wide range of picnic food on offer and in true MGGS spirit students took the opportunity to share with each other.  During the summer break we encourage our staff and students to picnic with their family and friends in the great outdoors as it does wonders for our wellbeing. 

Mrs Hart, Deputy Headteacher

MGGS Whole School Picnic 2022  MGGS enjoy Whole School Picnic 2022

Whole School Picnic 2022  Whole School Picnic 2022_at mggs

Whole School Picnic 2022_mggs

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