The London Institute of Banking & Finance @MGGS

We are delighted to share with you that yet again MGGS has students registered on The London Institute of Banking & Finance course. MGGS has been offering this course as an additional qualification to Year 13 Sixth Form students for a number of years and we are incredibly proud of our excellent results. 

Our most recent cohort achieved one A* grade and four A grades in the cohort of 6 students and they have been offered scholarships of £750 and £500 respectively should they choose to study at The London Institute of Banking and Finance.

On behalf of The London Institute of Banking & Finance I would like to thank MGGS for registering students to study our Financial Education Qualifications. Our programmes help schools instil the knowledge, confidence and resilience pupils need to make good financial decisions, as well as inspiring the next generation of finance and banking professionals. 

Our learning programmes, qualifications and wider community-based initiatives focus on the everyday financial skills needed and essential competencies employers say are missing. Through our financial champions in schools, membership and higher education qualifications, we make the banking and finance sector more accessible and attainable. 

Our highly successful programme, Lessons in Financial Education (LiFE) at level 1 and 2, covers citizenship, financial and careers education on a ‘learning by doing’ basis removing the need for timetabling and teacher time. It can be undertaken as a course of study which can then be further developed into a formally assessed qualification. We understand students need to learn good financial skills and behaviours, sometimes without the pressure of examinations, and so reflecting that, LiFE offers choice to all levels of ability. LiFE supports careers provision in schools and helps to meet Gatsby benchmarks. It also aligns with the new Ofsted Framework surrounding student’s personal development.”

The London Institute of Banking & Finance @MGGS

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