Theatre Centre Visit MGGS

On Friday November 18th MGGS GCSE and A level Drama students were lucky enough to watch Theatre Centre’s performance of Human Nature by Ryan Calais Cameron. Human Nurture deals with and addresses the challenging and sensitive topics of race, privilege, leaving the care system and male vulnerability. The play tells the story of two ‘could-be’ brothers who grow up in care but end up at opposite ends of the UK’s social spectrum. 

It was a really powerful piece of theatre that had our students gripped. Human Nurture was a great example of how theatre can be used to educate, raise questions and prompt important discussions. We were then lucky enough to have a post show chat with the two actors who shed light on their rehearsal process and how they got into the industry.

Here are just a couple of examples of what some of our students had to say about the experience:

“I think that the play was truly incredible and eye-opening…everyone should see this play…” Isla G yr 10

“…it was really good and it didn’t hold back showing the reality, not just a sugar coated version.” Eva T Year 10

Theatre Centre Visit MGGS

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