This term has been MEGA!


Over the last term, students have taken part in a number of activities to support their learning and develop their cultural capital. For example, students in Years 10 and 11 have received Mindset sessions to help develop good habits in preparation for their GCSEs. This is in terms of their systems and tools to help them to revise.

Students in key stage 3 and 5 have taken part in their first term of enrichment lessons. There has been a huge variety of sessions offered to students focused on developing their well being, skills for life or further study. For example, students in the Sixth Form have taken part in Bouldering lessons at the Climbing Experience, an introduction to Bowls at the Maidstone Bowls Club, Volleyball, Self Care, preparing for the school Panto, Presentation Skills amongst others. In Year 9, students have learnt how to design a new breakfast cereal as part of an introduction to Business Studies course, and had sessions on Mindfulness, Bullet Journaling, Ancient Greece. In Years 7 and 8, Big Questions have included: Why should I be governed? How does my brain work? and What comparisons can we draw between our lives and those of the past? 

Google has remained integral to how learning is organised and the new Year 7s and 12s have been introduced to the foundational tools needed to access and produce work. These include Gmail, Google Classroom and Google Drive. Year 7 students have also made an excellent start to using their Chromebooks across all their subjects.

Advanced thinking schoolMany of our students have been making use of the Advanced Thinking tools to prepare for assessments to help organise their learning. For example, Year 11 has been using describing maps in English to explore how characters in Romeo and Juliet change between the start and the end of the play. Similarly in Yr11 GCSE PE students have been using combined maps to consolidate information.

Many of the students in Years 7-9 have submitted evidence for our MEGA Rewards programme. Any student who achieves a badge will receive one next term. We look forward to announcing the names of our MEGA students in our start of term blog! 

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