On 17th July, Year 12 were off timetable for the annual House competition to present a mock launch for a campaign linked to one of the UN’s development goals. Eash house was assigned a different topic – this year they tackled problems such as ending poverty, widening access to education and supplying clean water. The competition is judged on how well they understand the problem, the innovation of their solutions and the overall quality of their campaign and launch event.

Although they are tackling serious subjects, the event also requires considerable creativity and some real ‘blue sky thinking’ in how to tackle such big issues. As ever, our Year 12s threw themselves into the task with huge enthusiasm, and we were very impressed by the overall quality of their efforts. We hope that it has also given them a real appreciation of the situation in the developing world.

The winning house was Britons who decided to tackle the issue of providing clean drinking water by setting up a not for profit company, ‘H2Hope’ – logo pictured – to sell reusable, eco-friendly water bottles to fund wells in Africa.


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