On Thursday every House enjoyed an opportunity to welcome their new House Leaders and say thank you and farewell to the outgoing team. We enjoyed photographs and memories from the last year as the outgoing teams shared their highlights and congratulated the new teams as part of a virtual handover assembly.

Obviously we are very sad not to be able to do this in person. However, it is important and fitting to say thank you to the 2019-20 House Leaders who have been an absolutely brilliant bunch, inspiring and motivating their House members through many competitions, events, activities and day to day school over the past year.

Equally we congratulate the new teams on their appointments, and look forward to seeing how they, along with the new team of Student Reps, will build on past successes and lead the Houses in new adventures. Already they have been doing a great job of leading the new House Challenges, open to all year groups and introduced to bring the House together during virtual school. Do get involved (or encourage your daughter/son to do so!).

Welcome_to_the_new_House_Leaders!_Vikings   Welcome_to_the_new_House_Leaders!_Romans

Welcome_to_the_new_House_Leaders   Welcome_to_the_new_House_Leaders!_Saxons


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