Why celebrate our 135th anniversary?

MGGS 135th Save the Date

Why celebrate our 135th anniversary?

135 is not a special number, so why do we want to celebrate this anniversary and invite as many of our alumni back as possible?

Three  key reasons to celebrate our 135th anniversary:

Firstly, so much has happened since our 130th anniversary. Not least a global pandemic. This affected us all and the school in particular. It made us reflect on other similar challenging times in the life of the school, such as the Second World War, and using our knowledge of what happened then has led to  some amazing work which we want to share with you.

Then secondly, we opened up another set of our Second World War tunnels in 2019 at the front of the school and we know many people want to come and see them.

Thirdly this summer both Mr Reid and Mr Dougherty will be retiring. After a combined total of almost 80 years at MGGS, we could not let this event pass without providing as many of our alumni who have been taught by either or both Mr Reid and Mr Dougherty the opportunity to come and say thank you to them, as well as wishing them well for their retirement.

Additionally, we also want to tell you about our new building, which we hope by July we will start to see emerging from the ground; our refurbished DT department; the new paintings by Miss Keen (Art teacher from the second World War)  that we have been gifted and want to show you; we have become the regional Computing hub for the whole of the south east of England and after 14 years OFSTED came to visit us in March and we were delighted to judged as ‘outstanding’.

There are so many reasons we want to celebrate that we cannot ignore this anniversary and we very much look forward to welcoming you on 1st July between 2pm and 4pm.

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