World Sleep Day 2022

World_Sleep_Day_2022World Sleep Day is on Friday 18th March 2022, an annual event intended to celebrate sleep and draw attention to many important health and wellbeing issues related to sleep. 

A good night’s rest protects us physically and mentally, as well as boosting our quality of life.  Sleep allows our bodies to repair and our brains to consolidate our memories and process information.  Poor sleep can affect anyone and can be a huge challenge for both adults and children, with difficulties getting to sleep and staying asleep creating stressful situations at bedtime. 


Follow the links below for even more information, advice and resources relating to improving sleep: 

The Sleep Charity has information and advice to deal with most sleep issues.  They run the National Sleep Helpline 03303 530 541, which helps anyone with sleep issues including adults, parents and young people. The helpline is available from 7pm and 9pm, Sunday to Thursday. 

Advice and information for adults:  We have no control over what happens when we sleep, but we can control what we do throughout the day to prepare for a better night’s sleep. 

Advice and information for children:  Quality sleep is essential for children’s growth and development, with a settled night’s sleep helping their behaviour and their learning. 

Follow the links below for even more information, advice and resources relating to improving sleep: 

Mind: How to cope with sleep problems.  Explains sleep and mental health, gives practical suggestions and information about where to get support. 

NHS:  Trouble sleeping? If you’re having sleep problems, there are simple steps you can take to ease those restless nights. Find out how to get to sleep and how to sleep better. 

Blurt: We invited leading sleep neurologist, Dr Kirstie Anderson, to explain why sleep is important and the role it plays in our mental wellbeing. Some questions we ask: What can we do to improve the quality of sleep? What’s the best way of re-setting your body clock? What can we do to help our brain unwind before bed? How important is a bed-time routine?

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