Year 10 End of Term Update


A steep learning curve for Year 10 this past term, with Examinations in the hall which more closely mirrored the GCSE Examinations they will be sitting in a little over a year, and their first adventures into the workplace on Work Experience. I have particularly enjoyed visiting students working in a variety of different settings such as pharmacies, accountant’s offices and primary schools, and working in fields as diverse as health care, engineering and media. 

It has been lovely, and fills me with pride, to hear the positive comments that managers and supervisors have made about the conduct, enthusiasm and professionalism of our students. I have also been impressed with the way in which Year 10 have handled themselves, and supported each other in stressful and unfamiliar situations and overcome challenges which I know seemed daunting at first. Have a restful break and I look forward to sharing even more success this summer.

Mr Thomas, Head of Study Year 10


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