Year 12 Update – Maidstone Grammar School for Girls


It has been a very busy term for Year 12 and students have really demonstrated their strong work ethic, resilience and commitment to their studies.  Our new Student Leadership team have demonstrated many of  their innovative ideas already and have been instrumental in planning our Pride Month Celebrations and also in planning and delivering Induction Day activities in order  to welcome the current Year 11, who will join them in the Sixth Form from September. 

Year 12 have had some very informative enrichment lessons this term, which included welcoming a speaker from the NHS who relayed information about consent and Sexually Transmitted Infections. Speakers from the ‘Boobettes’ have also visited us virtually and raised awareness of breast cancer in men and women, and students also participated in an interactive Young Driver’s Awareness Course from KCC. In addition to this, all students have had Guidance Meetings to review their progress and look at their next steps and have begun their UCAS and other post-18 applications. It has been wonderful to speak to so many students discussing their interests and future aspirations, and we look forward to exploring their future plans further next year.

Finally, we appreciate that the nature of two year, synoptic A-Levels means that students will be 

required to keep up with some work, revision and research during the summer of Year 12, especially as they will have exams in September.  However, it is also important that everyone takes a step back and enjoys a good break, especially at the end of such a challenging year.  Thus, we would like to wish Year 12 a pleasant and safe summer break and we look forward to welcoming them into Year 13 next term. Ms Zoil

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