Year 13 End of Term Update

Year 13 have been busily preparing for their up and coming examinations and it is clear that they are both working very hard and are maintaining high spirits. We are very proud of their mindset at what can be a very stressful time. 

On Rise Day last week, students developed a revision plan working backwards from their examinations so that they could visualise where they were heading. In addition to this, they took part in some sessions to prepare them for life after school. These included attending a talk by Rachel from the CoppaFeel charity and learning about the symptoms and consequences of Breast Cancer. In addition, they learnt about the menopause and how this could affect those around them. Students got involved in conversations, asked questions and showed what an asset they are to our school. 

We look forward to our very last term with Year 13 after the Easter break and hope that they enjoy their final stages of life at MGGS!  

Mrs Smith, Head of Study Year 13


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