Year 13 Update – Maidstone Grammar School for Girls


Our Year 13s have had an incredibly challenging time in the Sixth form and we are so proud of how well they have coped with the constant changes. They have been both resilient, but also kind and supportive to each other and we are very excited to see them take on their next adventures.  While the cohort have not been in school for the majority of this term, we were thrilled to have them in for our Leavers Assembly on Monday 21st June.  Miss Stanley, Mrs Ransom and Mrs Wilkinson each spoke about their pride in the students’ hard work and enthusiasm over their time in the sixth form with Mrs Wilkinson sharing some elements of the poem “Oh, the Places you will Go!” by Dr Seuss.  The head students spoke very well, thanking all the students, teachers and support staff members who have been part of their 6th form journey, including a nostalgic video montage of some of the amazing moments of the last two years.

We all enjoyed the handing out of student and teacher prizes by the Year 13 Yearbook team with much laughter and applause (and haribo prizes) and we finished with ice-creams and catching up.  We look forward to seeing our Year 13s on the 10th August for Results Day to both celebrate their successes and to support them in accessing the next part of their journey.

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MGGS_Year_13_students        MGGS_Year_13_students

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