Year 6 Masterclass Taster Days

Year 6 MasterclassHaving recently hosted our Year 6 Taster Day Masterclasses in English, Mathematics, Science and Dance, we are delighted to have been given so much positive feedback from parents and students, one student commented “This is the best school in the world!”

Students enjoyed lessons in English –  crafting brilliant, mind-boggling riddle poems, problem solving and puzzles with ‘crab wings’ in Maths and in Science the slime proved very popular, whilst in Dance students learned some choreography to ‘Step in Time’ from Mary Poppins.

It was a real pleasure to meet all the budding ‘wanna be’ MGGS students who were escorted throughout the morning by our fantastic team of Sixth Form Ambassadors.  Our visiting students met our current Year 7 students at break time and discussed just what it is like to join MGGS and be a new Year 7.

There are some fabulous pictures taken from the days of students learning and enjoying the event.  The pictures of students just after lunch enjoying a game of ‘stuck in the mud’ including the Sixth Former Ambassadors just encapsulate our school motto; Non sibi sed omnibus – ‘Not for oneself but for all.

The picture of two Year 6 students hugging is also a favourite of the days, they were from different schools and instantly bonded to enjoy a fun-filled morning.

If your daughter is in current Year 5 book up now for future Year 5 Taster Sessions or to be kept informed of future events coming in the Spring and Summer of 2023 @MGGS here:

Year 6 Masterclass Taster Days … “I just love MGGS, it's the best school ever!”    Year 6 Masterclass Taster Days at MGGS

MGGS Year 6 Masterclass Taster Days    Amazing MGGS Year 6 Masterclass Taster Days

Year 6 students enjoy Masterclass Taster Days