Year 7 Blacklands Farm Bonding Trip

Last week Year 7 went to Blackland Farm and took part in various activities to help them get to know other students. A good time was had by all. Here are some comments from Year 7:

I had a great time at Blackland farm because it was really fun and challenged me to try new activities. Anna R

The leap of faith was amazing and it was a really good opportunity to meet others from different classes.  Erin F

I really enjoyed doing the crate challenge as I got to do it with someone new that I didn’t know that well. Eloise D

I enjoyed Blackland Farm a lot. I have a fear of heights but when I did the Leap of Faith it made me feel very proud and happy that I faced my fears and did it.  Abseiling was scary but I still did it. Making new friends from other forms was the best part of it though. Gaya L

Blacklands Farm fun for year 7s Blacklands Farm Trip for mggs Year 7s

Blacklands Farm trip mggs Blacklands farm visit Mggs Year 7

Blacklands farm visit year 7 mggs Blacklands Farm visited by mggs Year 7 students

Blacklands Farm Year 7 Blacklands Farm

Farm fun for Year 7s