Year 9 A, C & F Trip to Aachen

Year 9ACF Trip to Aachen

For the first time since 2019, we took our Year 9 Germanists to visit the Christmas Markets in Aachen, Germany. Students were given time to practise their German speaking with the stall owners, and were given a tour of the historic city by Frau O’Leary-Rogers and Frau Lampers. Here’s what the students had to say…

“Despite the short duration of the trip, it still managed to be jam-packed with excitement! After settling ourselves at the hostel, we made our way to the vibrant, incredibly festive Christmas market. The next day, we took an educational tour around Aachen then went on our own adventurous shopping spree & visited the Aachen Cathedral. Overall it was a joyous trip & a well-needed break from school!” Kaelyne-Marie, 9F

“I liked the fact that we got a few hours to ourselves to go and explore the market and the town, giving us freedom to explore what German culture is all about.” Mathilda, 9F

“I thoroughly enjoyed Aachen. I loved the experience and I found it incredibly helpful to improve my German speaking. I think that the sight seeing was interesting and engaging and the Christmas market was beautiful. I can’t wait to see if any more German trips come up in the future.” Zara, 9C

“The trip was so fun. I specifically enjoyed the Christmas market in the evening and the tour around Aachen led by Mrs O’leary Rogers. We all learnt new vocabulary and managed to successfully speak German to many of the stall vendors.” Bella, 9C

MGGS Year 9ACF Trip to Aachen Year 9ACF Trip to Aachen @mggs

Year 9ACF mggs studentsTrip to Aachen

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