Our School Developments

Raising funds for the school to enable the development of our buildings and resources for the benefit of our students.

The MGGS Development Trust Office

The MGGS Development Trust Office has raised over £100,000 since 2017 from the generosity of parents, alumni and friends of the school. This has allowed us to replace the failing power distribution system in the main hall, which prevented the use of the stage lights, the refurbishment of the school library and the creation of ‘The Woodland Garden ~ Our space to remember and reflect’.

In order to sustain Maidstone Grammar School for Girls’ successes, it is important that the MGGS Development Trust continues to grow. This ensures that the very best facilities are available for our students, supporting them academically and pastorally.

The MGGS Development Trust was established in 2011 to raise much-needed funds. This chart below shows how the different funding within the school works:

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Development Trust and PFA Hierarchy

Aims of the MGGS Development Trust Office

The MGGS Development Trust Office was established with the following specific aims:

  • To raise the profile of Maidstone Grammar School for Girls

  • To connect or reconnect Alumni, Parents, Staff, Students and other friends of the school

  • To build a sense of school community spirit and to establish a sense of pride within the school

  • To raise funds

As a Head Student at MGGS, I have worked closely with The MGGS Development Trust, getting to know how it runs and who gets involved. I am overjoyed that I have had this opportunity as I genuinely love every second of it. It is truly amazing to see how the community of students comes together for fundraising events and how much they enjoy using our recent developments. I am excited for what the futu