Kent 16+ Travel Card


Kent County Council has made available a universal 16+ Travel Card for all post-16 learners starting their learning in September 2017. The card is intended to provide support for post-16 learners to meet their bus travel costs to school.

The 16+ Travel Card will cost £400 per annum and can be obtained by applying directly to KCC, by post to Kent 16+ Travel Card, Kent County Council, Public Transport, PO Box 441, Aylesford, Kent ME6 9HJ or online using the link below:

Please do not send payment with your application as this needs to be sent to the school your daughter/son intends to attend rather than KCC. To ensure that the card is issued in time for the new academic year, please ensure that your application is received by KCC by their deadline of Friday, 14th July 2017. The first installment of £200 or full payment must be paid to the school your daughter/son indicated on their application form by the KCC application deadline to enable us to approve your daughter’s/son’s Travel Card.

Please make payment on +Pay or send a cheque to the Finance office for the attention of Mrs Vanessa Drew.

Year 12 students who currently hold a 16+ Travel Card will still need to apply for a renewal for year 13. Please mark you application form as ‘renewing and please use old photograph’.

Payment Options

If you wish to purchase a travel card for your daughter/son for the new academic year please return your application as detailed above. Please make payment to the school either in full (£400) on application or by following the installment plan detailed below.

First installment of £200 – Friday, 14th July 2017 (on application)
Final installment of £200 – Tuesday, 5th September 2017 (start of Term 1)

If the full payment of £400 has not been received by Monday, 25th September 2017 then your card will be returned to KCC.

If you daughter/son leaves MGGS by continues in education, the card may still be used. If the card is no longer required, it must be returned to the school and any refund due may be subject to a KCC admin fee. Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section below for more information.


The school is able to accept credit and debit card payments using +Pay. Card payment using +Pay is our preferred method, but we will still accept cheques. Please make cheques payable to MGGS and add your daughter’s/son’s name and 16+ to the reverse of the cheque. You can access ParentMail/+Pay by visiting Please note that we no longer accept cash payments.

If your daughter/son is new to MGGS then your +Pay account will not be activated until the third week of September, therefore, you will need to make payment via cheque.

If there are any financial difficulties or your are in receipt of benefit and are considering applying for a 16-19 Bursary Fund and wish to use this for payment of your Travel Card, please submit the Bursary Application to MGGS by the KCC deadline for the Travel Card application (14th July 2017). Please see the 16-19 Bursary Fund page for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cards that are no longer needed must be returned to the school. KCC will confirm what refund, if any, is due. Any returned cards are subject to a KCC admin charge. Refunds will be made by MGGS once all the details have been confirmed.

Your card will not be issued until full payment has been received. If this has not been received by by 25th September then your card will be returned to KCC.

You can still collect your card from MGGS after you have made full payment to us. The card can be used as long as your daughter/son is in education.

If you cannot make full payment then the card will be returned to KCC to be transferred to the new school and you can arrange an alternative installment plan with them.

Please take a look at the 16-19 bursary fund page for more information.

Please ensure that your bursary application form, with the appropriate evidence, is submitted to the school at the same time that you submit your Travel card application to KCC, which will ensure that the Travel card can be released on the first day of term, free of charge, if your daughter/son is eligible for the bursary.

You can buy Travel Cards to cover all of part of the academic year. The cost is based on when KCC receive the application:

Valid From Costs Application Deadline
(for pass to be ready for the start of term)
Term 1 (from September 2017) £400 14th July 2017
Term 2 (from October 2017) £340 29th September 2017
Term 3 (from January 2018) £280 1st December 2017
Term 4 (from February 2018) £210 5th January 2018
Term 5 (from April 2018) £140 16th March 2018
Term 6 (from June 2018) £70 11th May 2018

If you miss the KCC deadline then it is likely that your daughter’s/son’s card will not be ready for collection during the first week of term. KCC will send the travel card to MGGS within 28 working days of receiving your forms.

KCC no longer send letters for travel on the first day of term. Instead, they have agreed with bus operators that they will allow students to travel on the first few days of term to collect their pass. If your daughter/son has their old pass, they should keep hold of this and present this to the driver.

If you need a replacement pass please call KCC on 03000 41 84 84 with your daughter’s/son’s name, school and address. You will need a credit/debit card. The cost it £10 for a replacement card, and students can have three replacement passes per school year. If you wish to make payment via a cheque (made payable to Kent County Council) or postal order, please send this, along with your daughter’s/son’s name, addressed to Kent 16+ Travel Card (Replacement), Kent County Coucil, Public Transport, PO Box 441, Aylesford, Kent ME6 9HJ.

Once payment has been received, KCC will send a temporary pass to your home for your daughter/son to show the driver whilst you are waiting for your replacement. KCC usually do this within 10 working days of receiving payment. KCC will send the replacement pass to the school before the temporary one runs out.

You can use your Travel Card all day, all year. Cards run out on 31st August 2018. The card allows free travel on most public buses. It cannot be used on private bus services and coaches.