The A Level Mindset is well established in the Sixth Form, promoting that students need clear vision, significant effort, effective systems, varied practice and a good attitude in order to achieve their full potential. We firmly believe that these skills, traits and habits can be learned and developed, and have lots of activities designed to assist with this. 

Year 12 and 13 receive explicit teaching about each of the elements of VESPA during special year group sessions led by senior staff.  This is supported by subject ALM sheets, as well as mentoring, form activities and assemblies.

Sixth Form students also receive training in employing ‘assessment as learning’ techniques to ensure they make the most of feedback and are empowered, through self-reflection, to enable their own progress.

Enquiry, Extension, Enrichment

As a grammar school sixth form, we seek to develop curious learners and promote scholarship.  Equally, we want our students to be well rounded and experienced individuals. As a result, we have a diverse and comprehensive Sixth Form Extra (6FX) programme, whereby students can choose whether to pursue activities for wellbeing or extension to their learning for one hour per week.

Students studying 4 A Levels or another enrichment course in Year 13 are allowed to opt for supervised study in 6FX time, but many do not, choosing instead to participate in something extra.  Students also have the opportunity to undertake additional qualifications, including the LIBF Personal Finance course and the highly-regarded Extended Project Qualification, in Year 13.


At MGGS we believe that technology should be embedded within teaching and learning throughout the school and that we should use both existing and emerging technologies as a means of preparing our students for the digital age.  Learning to use digital resources appropriately and effectively is an essential part of education. MGGS has been selected by the DfE to be a Computing Hub school, one of only 30 in the country.

We teach, collaborate and communicate via Google, and this is very evident in the Sixth Form, where, as an example, we share a daily bulletin with staff and students.  External students often comment on how Google has transformed their learning. There are Google Classrooms and Drives for subjects, houses and many other groups in the Sixth Form, including the Aspire Early Entry group for Oxbridge applicants and Medics, Vets and Dentists.

Advanced Thinking

MGGS has been an Advanced Thinking School since May 2015.  Our students are equipped with tools designed to reorganise, frame and extend their thinking, promoting deeper learning. 

Students receive a full induction to the Thinking Tools on the first day, and will have an opportunity to develop their use of these invaluable tools in lessons.

Advanced thinking is embedded in all we do, and there are opportunities to celebrate this through leading outreach days, participating in competitions and being involved in the MGGS Festival of Thinking.