MGGS Form Room Decoration Results… 2021

There were some fantastic decorations – Mr White and Miss Stanley were impressed with the creativity, origami and originality in a number of rooms! Special mentions need to go to the following for their creative efforts: 

9C in C207, 8N in C105 and 11C in A108.  Well done!

A strong artistic showing from B1 in B203 was sufficient to win the prize for best in KS5.  Well done!

Mggs_form_christmas_decs_competition_ks5    Mggs_form_christmas_decs_competition_ks5.2

An impressive effort from 11N in B102 wins the prize for best in KS4.

Mggs_form_christmas_decs_competition_ks4    Mggs_form_christmas_decs_competition_ks4.2

8G’s exceptional and highly sustainable decorations win the prize for best in KS3!  A fantastic effort and, in our view, the best of the bunch!

Mggs_form_christmas_decs_competition_ks3    Mggs_form_christmas_decs_competition_ks3.2


Mggs_form_christmas_decs_competition_ks3.4    Mggs_form_christmas_decs_competition_ks3.5

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