RAG Week 2021 @MGGS in pictures

A massive thank you with complete gratitude and appreciation to all involved. Rag Week has been a huge success and we are so pleased that students were able to end the term in such a positive way. This year’s Rag Week events were streamed across the school in a number of locations to ensure that they were Covid-safe. This worked incredibly well and the usual Rag Week spirit was in full force. This year we managed to raise £4806 which will be donated to the Heart of Kent Hospice and our sister schools in Tang Ting, Nepal.


MGGS Science Department – It’s a team effort with Toy Story!

Rag Week 2021    MGGS_2021_Rag_Week_pictures

Robin_Hood_Rag_Week    Rag_Week_Shark

MGGS_Rag_Week_heroes_villains    Rag_Week_at MGGS

Rag_Week_Fun_at_mggs    Fun_during_mggs_rag_week

Dress_up_rag_week    rag_week_dressing_up