You Can Help Christmas Campaign for Homeless Care 2021


Homeless Care Charity and Maidstone Day Centre have been caring for the town’s homeless and vulnerable people for almost 30 years.  Every day they provide hot showers, clean clothes and meals for the men and women who come to us for help. As well as using the food in the Day Centre, they run a food bank that provides food parcels to people struggling with the dilemma of paying the bills or buying food.  As a result of COVID-19 and its devastating impact, the number of people asking for food parcels has more than doubled. 

Last year, to avoid handling goods because of Covid, some schools asked their pupils and families to donate money via our web page and we had an amazing response.  This enabled them to use the money to buy in fresh foods such as eggs, bacon, cheese, mince as these are some of the more expensive items in a families shopping basket.  They are able to purchase these items from FareShare at a considerably lower price than they would if they had bought direct from supermarkets thus getting much better value for money.

If you wish, please donate via their web page and then use the ‘donate’ button.  Donations are open now until the end of term


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