MGGS Year 8 Howletts Trip

The Geography department were really pleased to be able to take Year 8 to Howletts on a STEM field trip this week. For most students this was the first trip that they had been on since Year 5! Students were learning about how animals adapt to their environment successfully.

“I enjoyed going on my first school trip and seeing new animals” 8A

“I enjoyed seeing the elephants and the talk about adaptations was something I found really interesting. 

“It was great to see and learn about animals I didn’t know about before” 8A

“My favourite animals were the Javan Gibbons, they were so cute a moved really quickly” 8G

“I enjoyed walking around with my friends and watching the animals play together.” 8S


Year_8_mggs_students_visit_Howletts  Mggs_Year_8_Howletts_Trip_mggs


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