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Sixth Form

This area of the web site contains further information about the Sixth Form which we hope you, as prospective students, and parents of prospective students, will find useful and informative. All the information given in the Sixth Form Prospectus is mirrored here.

Applications to the Sixth Form at Maidstone Grammar School for Girls are welcome from students from Maidstone Grammar School for Girls and other schools, and from both male and female students. We have about 60 new entrants from other schools in each year 12 cohort, about a third of whom are boys.

We have a large and highly successful Sixth Form of approximately 380 students and this allows us to provide a wide and comprehensive range of subjects at Advanced Level, as well as a wide range of other courses from Oxford University modules to Community and Higher Sports Leader Awards. Almost any combination of subjects is possible and we are able to offer most students the courses requested.

We are very proud of the success of our Sixth Form students. Whether you are currently at Maidstone Grammar School for Girls or are applying from another school, we will do our very best to respond to your individual needs to ensure that you achieve your full potential, both academic and personal.

Moving into a sixth form is a decision which will require considerable personal commitment. Our teaching staff are highly qualified, enthusiastic and experienced in providing an intellectually stimulating environment. They will use their expertise to help you progress from GCSE to Advanced Level.