Curriculum in Years 10-11

We are committed to ensuring that all of our students achieve outstanding results, acquiring relevant skills and qualifications

GCSE studies begin in Term 6 of Year 9, and for some core subjects earlier than this. In order to ensure a balanced programme of study some restrictions are placed on the choice of subjects. All students take English (leading to two GCSEs in English Language and English Literature), GCSE Religious Studies, GCSE Mathematics and a Science Course (leading to either a combined award in Science or to three GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics). Students will then need to select four more courses to complete their GCSE programme which must include at least one Modern Foreign Language course and at least on Humantities course.

All students will also follow non-examination courses in core Physical Education and through the school’s Focus Days in Personal, Social & Health Education, Citizenship and Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance.

Throughout Years 10 and 11 students will be encouraged to become involved in their own self-assessment and, through discussion with their teachers, encouraged to identify their strengths and areas for further development in order to plan future learning needs. Thinking skills will become increasingly important to students and their GCSE studies, particularly the higher order thinking skills which are linked to grade 9-1 style examination questions. Students will be encouraged to use a wide range of thinking tools such as Thinking Maps to help enhance their learning.

Students achieve outstandingly well throughout their time in the school, and as a result overall standards in external texts and examinations are exceptionally high


The Key Stage 4 Curriculum at MGGS

At Key Stage 4 some subjects are studied by all students whereas others are optional in order to ensure a balanced programme of study.

Core GCSE Examination Courses

  • English (leading to two GCSEs in English Language and English Literature)

  • Mathematics

  • Religious Studies

  • Science (leading to either a combined award or three individual GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics)

Non-Examination Subjects

  • PSHE and Citizenship through Focus Days

  • Core Physical Education

  • Work Related Learning

  • Careers Education, Advice, Information and Guidance

Optional GCSE Examination Courses

All students have to choose four courses of which at least one must be an MFL course and least one other must be a humanities course.

  • Modern Foreign Languages Courses
    French, German, Spanish

  • Humanities Courses
    Geography, History
  • Additional Options Courses
    Art, Computing, Design and Technology* (Food Preparation and Nutrition or Product Design or Art and Design Textiles), Dance, Drama, Music and Physical Education.

    * Only one Design and Technology subject may be studied. Also you can only select one from Dance or Physical Education or one from Art and Art Textiles.

Making Your Subject Choices

When deciding upon which subjects to study students should bear in mind the following:

  • Do you enjoy the subject?

  • Can you do well in the subject?

  • Is the combination of subjects appropriate to you in terms of workload balance, how subjects are assessed and your career aspirations?

  • Will your choices support what you hope to do in the sixth form and beyond?

Curriculum Booklets

Year 10 KS4 Curriculum Booklet 2021-2022
Year 11 KS4 Curriculum Booklet 2021-2022
Overview of PSHE at MGGS

Independent Learning Timetables

Year 10 Independent Learning Timetable 2021-2022
Year 11 Independent Learning Timetable 2021-2022

Year 11 GCSE Specifications 2019/2020

Subject Exam Board Spec Code
Astronomy: 1 Year GCSE (full course – Y10 only) Pearson 1AS01
Art, Craft & Design AQA 8201
Biology AQA 8461
Chemistry AQA 8462
Combined Science, Trilogy AQA 8464
Computer Science (Python) AQA 8520D
Food Preparation & Nutrition AQA 8585
Design & Technology Pearson IDT0
Art & Design – Textile Design Pearson ITE0
Drama AQA 8261
English Language AQA 8700
English Literature AQA 8702
French AQA 8658
Geography AQA 8035
German AQA 8668
History AQA 8145
Mathematics A Edexcel 1MA1
Music Edexcel 1MU0
Physical Education AQA 8582
Physics AQA 8463
Religious Studies Edexcel 1RB0
Spanish AQA 8698

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