In Year Admissions

Once MGGS, Always MGGS!

Students can test once each year for a place at MGGS. Our admission number for years 8-11 is 180 in each year group.

If your daughter would like to apply for a place into the school and sit our admission test, then please complete the In Year Casual Admission Form and return this to the school via

Criteria for Admitting Students After the Start of the Academic Year

Students admitted at the start of Year 7 each academic year will be those who have been judged suitable for Grammar School education under the Kent selection procedure. Year 7 students applying for a place into Year 7 between September and December will take the Kent Test. From January, Year 7, students will take the school’s own In Year admissions test.

Students who wish to join the school into Years 8 – 11 and those students wishing to join Year 7 not having previously taken the Kent test at Primary school should apply for a place at the school using the In Year Casual Admission Form (IYCAF).

If you live in Kent or are about to move into Kent and would like a place for your daughter at our school, you must complete an In Year Casual Admission Form and return this to the Admissions Manager, Michelle Starns at the school address below or fax it to 01622 681947 or email it as an attachment to

The In-Year Tests

Students can test once each year for a place at the school. If a student is unsuccessful following testing for a place into Year 7, then that student has the opportunity to test the following year for a place into Year 8. This applies to all year groups up to Year 11.

The In Year tests consist of verbal and non-verbal reasoning papers in a multiple-choice format. Reasoning tests look at how quickly and efficiently students solve problems of increasing difficulty. These include questions using words or numbers and patterns and sequences. The tests are marked and the scores standardised. Standardisation means that each student’s score can be compared with those achieved by other students of the same age. An allowance is made so that the youngest students are not disadvantaged. Students also complete a Maths test and are required to write a short English essay. For those students testing for a place into Years 10 and 11, additional Biology, Chemistry and Physics papers will be taken. These test papers are marked in school. The testing takes approximately three and a half hours and is completed during the morning. (Testing for Years 10 and 11 takes 5 hours). You will be informed in writing of the results of the test and given further information on what to do next.

If a place is available in the required Year group and the student is successful following testing, a place in the school will be offered. The relevant Head of Study will then make contact to arrange a start date. If however, a student is unsuccessful following testing then parents and carers have the right to appeal against the decision not to admit. This is completed via the Kent County Council independent appeals procedure.

In-Year Appeals

Appeals resulting from In Year Admission applications will be heard within 30 school days of the appeal being lodged with Michelle Starns, Admissions Manager. Information on how to proceed with an appeal will be given at the time of writing to inform parents and carers of an unsuccessful test result.

If the school is oversubscribed parents and carers of students who are deemed selective following testing can request that their daughter’s name is placed on the waiting list. Unfortunately we are unable to give students who do not pass the In Year test a place on the waiting list.

Further information about admission to the school and other useful information can be found below.

Applying for a School Place

In-Year Admissions

Our admission number for years 8-11 is 180 in each year group.

Further Information & Advice

For further information and advice regarding in-year admissions please contact Ms Michelle Starns, Admissions Manager at MGGS on 01622 752 103 or email, or alternatively, call KCC Appeals on 0300 041 4222 or email for support.

We hope this information is helpful and if there is any further information you require, please do not hesitate to contact Michelle Starns.

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