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Thank you for taking the time to have a look at what we have to offer as a school for students in the 21st century. I do hope you enjoy this virtual tour.

Miss Deborah Stanley

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Life as a Year 7 Student (7A)

Life as a Year 7 Student (7A)

Life as a Year 7 Student (7C)

Life as a Year 7 Student (7C)

Life as a Student in Year 8

Life as a Student in Year 8

The Head Students of MGGS

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As you progress into the next stage of your life, we know that you’ll find the next few years of secondary school both mentally stimulating and enjoyable – we certainly have! Studying at Maidstone Grammar School for Girls has allowed us all to develop not only our knowledge but also our interests, aquiring skills important for later in life.

We feel truly privileged to attend a school that provides excellent education led by passionate staff who are experts in their field of study. Teachers provide us with so many academic resources and are always willing to offer support, both emotional and academic. That being said, at the heart of MGGS lies a close-knit community where everyone supports one another – something that is very important during these unprecedented times. Whole school events such as RAG week, Sports day, and House Arts not only showcase the talents we have at MGGS, but bring us closer together as a community and encourage school spirit.

As our time at MGGS comes to an end, yours is just beginning! We look forward to welcoming you in Year 7 and hope that you create many fond memories here at MGGS, and have a rewarding experience, just as we have.

Best wishes and good luck for the future, from the Head Students at MGGS.

Head Students at MGGSA Virtual Tour of MGGS by our Sixth Formers

A Virtual Tour by our Sixth Formers

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