MGGS is an International School

MGGS students are part of a global community, collaborating with people from diverse backgrounds and studying different cultures

MGGS has been awarded the International School Award by the British Council in recognition of how we have embedded international activities to enrich the curriculum, improve teaching and learning and helping students to better appreciate the world around them.

Our students live in an ever more globalised world and we aim to provide many opportunities to collaborate with people from various cultures. We foster an appreciation for world culture and our students benefit from these experiences, learning how to work and communicate with people from diverse backgrounds. We believe that experiencing different cultures can help them to develop and embrace new skills.

One of the best things about studying at MGGS is the chance to explore different cultures. I feel comfortable when dealing with multiple cultures and I have had the chance to develop communication skills with people from a wide variety of backgrounds

KS5 Student

Our Links with Nepal

Our most significant international partnership is with the Himalayan Milan School in Nepal. This link is hugely important to us as it also reflects our local community. The Nepalese Gurkha regiment has been based at Maidstone Barracks for a number of years, resulting in a vibrant Nepalese community in the local area. In 2004, MGGS set up a partnership working with and supporting The Himalayan Milan School in the rural village of Tang Ting, Nepal. This partnership has led to our students regularly participating in many Nepalese themed activities, including writing letters back and forth to penpals in the Himalaya Milan School, and using traditional Nepalese recipes within Food Technology lessons. In fact, our Geography department uses Nepal as a case study for both physical and human Geography, whilst our History department focuses on key events in Nepalese history. Furthermore, the Religious Studies department analyses Nepalese history and culture to broaden understanding when studying Buddhism. A number of assemblies throughout the year are based around our connections with Nepal, and the school canteen has a ‘Nepalese day’ where they serve traditional Nepalese food.

I just wanted to send a quick message to say a massive thank you for this amazing opportunity and experience you have given to Emily to visit Nepal – A truly a life changing experience. As a new student to the school in Year 12 I know she was worried about how she might fit in with the group, but from the photos I have seen it seems to be all smiles and not a mention of missing us at home! What a wonderful experience – thank you again.

Year 12 Parent

We are very proud of how MGGS students have made a difference in improving the lives of students in our partner school in Nepal. Money that has been raised during our annual RAG week (Raising and Giving) has been given to the school to help them buy books, computers and science equipment. Funds have also been used to fix broken roofs, windows and doors and to provide new school uniforms for all of the students who go there.

In 2009 a group of 6 teachers went to Nepal to visit the school and two years later the Headteacher came to MGGS. In 2018, 40 Sixth form students and 6 teachers spent 2 weeks visiting Nepal with the highlight being the days spent in Tang Ting and at the school, where our students taught English lessons, played sports, put on dance shows as well as painting classrooms and installing new flooring. The trip was so successful that it was repeated again in February 2020.

We are very proud of our longstanding work supporting a school and a community that is less fortunate than ourselves. We are grateful for the opportunities that this partnership provides for our students to see the world through different eyes and to appreciate the wider world.

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