Leaders of the Future

We recognise the potential in all of our students to become future leaders in their chosen fields. We offer a range of opportunities for our students to lead others, influence practice, and embed change.

Student leadership is an important part of developing our students’ character and helps to prepare them for life beyond our school. Maidstone Grammar School for Girls is proud to have a long history of Student Leadership in the Sixth Form. Every year our students are given the opportunity to stand for one of the positions within the Senior Student Leadership Team, as Head Student, House Leader, Subject Prefect or Student Representative. The highly valued status of these roles is reflected in the multi-stage appointment process, but each year, the Leadership and Sixth Form Management Team are impressed by the quality of applications and the mature and committed way students approach each stage.  Once appointed to these roles, students serve their fellow students and the school for a year, putting into action our motto, non sibi sed omnibus, “not for oneself but for all”.  Each role encompasses different responsibilities, but together they provide vital support for the MGGS community while acting as outstanding ambassadors for the School and role models for their peers.  We are extremely proud of our Student Leaders and the hard work that they do.

Students are very well prepared for further study; not only are their academic standards high, but they also develop as confident articulate individuals ready to take full advantage of opportunities as they arise.


Our Head Students

The MGGS Head Students play a central role in the Sixth Form Student Leadership Team and in the School. The Head Students lead many significant school events and participate in most external functions. The role of Head Student is a prestigious one, and those appointed have demonstrated that they are fully committed to the role, representing and serving the school. Head Students are excellent role models who will relish the opportunity to work with all members of the school community, including students from all years, staff, governors, parents and carers, external agencies, and visitors. In addition, the Head Students coordinate the work of the other Student Leaders.

There is no single mould for a good Head Student, and the final team of five is comprised of students with complementary interests and skills. Below, each introduces themselves and explains what they are looking forward to during their year of service.

Krystal A - MGGS Head Student
Krystal AHead Student
I am very proud to have been selected as a Head Student at MGGS. As an external student who moved here from London, MGGS has made me feel very welcome, and so I felt as though being Head Student would be the best way to give back to the school. I am studying A level Biology, Chemistry and Physics, but when I’m not working or revising, I like to spend my time either watching anime or playing games. I am so excited to be a Head Student and I am looking forward to representing the school.
Annie GHead Student
I am honoured to be able to say that I have been selected to be part of the Head Student team for 2020-2021! My friends would describe me as hard-working and approachable, and these are qualities that I hope to bring to the role. Organising RAG week is an event that I am really looking forward to, as I have just returned from the Nepal trip; I am excited to work hard to raise money for our sister school. I have really enjoyed my past years at MGGS, and can’t wait to work with students and teachers as part of the Leadership Team that I have always looked up to. There is no more rewarding way to spend my last year at MGGS, and I hope I can help ensure that everyone has a great time and a memorable year!
Annie G - MGGS Head Student
Molly K - MGGS Head Student
Molly KHead Student
I am honoured to have been selected as one of MGGS’s next Head Students. For anyone who knows me, I have a passion for Art Graphics and horse riding. I study Art Graphics as one of my A levels, as well as Geography and Psychology; this mixture is challenging but I enjoy doing them equally. I regularly volunteer for the School helping out where I can to help the School run smoothly, including parents evenings and open mornings. I consider myself to be caring, friendly and a lot of fun to be around. My friends would describe me as compassionate and organised, always doing everything I can to make everyone around me happy and enjoying school. I have thoroughly enjoyed my last six years at MGGS and want to make my last year incredible; I am very lucky to have this opportunity to be a part of something memorable to finish my MGGS journey.
Taniya RHead Student
I am delighted to be honoured with the role of being Head Student for this academic year and I am excited for all the opportunities this role gives me to not only demonstrate my skills but to also develop new ones. I currently study Biology, Chemistry and Psychology and I also mentor students in the lower years. I would say I am a confident, approachable and organised person who is willing to offer any support to anyone who needs it. Through this role, I hope to be a part of what makes your time at MGGS a memorable one.
Taniya R - MGGS Head Student
Emma W - MGGS Head Student
Emma WHead Student
I am so thrilled to be one of the next Head Students at MGGS. After recently visiting our partnered school in Nepal it has really opened my eyes as to how lucky we are; the trip was truly unforgettable. The visit to Nepal has made the opportunity to organise RAG week even more meaningful to me – having seen first hand the impact our money makes, I have realised the importance of the week. I’m looking forward to carrying out every task to the best of my ability as well as being a friendly and supportive face for all students to approach whenever they need to.

Subject Prefects

Every year each school department appoints a Subject Prefect to be their student leader, ambassador, and role model. The Subject Prefect role includes organising events that promote and enhance the subject as well as provide additional support for other students, organising departmental resources, and representing the department at external events. This role is especially suited for students with a real passion and interest in a particular subject area and who are keen to explore this as a future career path.

Year 7 Form Assistants

A really popular role for our Sixth Form students is that of Year 7 Form Assistant where they have an opportunity to give back and make a real difference to others. Our Year 7 Form Assistants lead regular sessions with a Year 7 form group and help them to settle into life at MGGS providing our new students with support, advice, and a lot of fun!

At MGGS we encourage all of our students with the qualities and aspirations to make a difference to life at our school to apply for a role and to take the opportunities presented to them. We are hugely proud of the difference our student leaders make to our school.

Honestly couldn’t be happier with the school. Has been fantastic over the years and she enjoys every minute. Good old fashioned work hard, play hard ethics.

Sixth Form Parent

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