Pastoral Care at MGGS

At MGGS we want our students to be happy and successful learners

The pastoral care at MGGS is second to none and underpins the school’s overall approach to teaching and learning. It is one of the aspects of our school of which we are most proud, and is a key factor in our success, as we fully understand that students must be happy and feel supported if they are going to achieve well. We continually seek to create activities, opportunities and situations which will develop resilience and resourcefulness in our students, to instill in them the values and moral dimensions which will ensure their wellbeing throughout their life.

Our pastoral care system provides continuous support, advice and guidance for all students throughout their time at MGGS, as well as monitoring their academic progress and personal development. We are specifically trained in many of the issues faced by teenagers today, from anorexia to cyberbullying, attachment disorders to depression. Our systems for communicating pastoral concerns are robust and our anti-bullying measures ensure that everyone knows what is acceptable and what is not, and who they can turn to if needed. Form tutors are the key source of support for students from Year 7 upwards. Heads of Study work closely with students and form tutors to maintain an overall awareness of student progress and wellbeing. There is support from full-time learning mentors who are available to students, and where necessary, as a point of contact for parents and carers. In addition, we have a school counsellor, support from CXK and access to the school nursing service where this is needed. We also have a very effective peer mentoring system which emphasises the Habits of Mind that underpin success. Older students are trained to support their younger peers and encourage them to persist, think flexibly, take responsible risks, manage impulsivity, listen and understand with empathy, and respond to difficult situations with creativity and humour.

High quality care and guidance result in a strongly inclusive and caring atmosphere in the school, a place where students feel safe and valued, and contribute to their enjoyment of school.