Traditions of MGGS

Our traditions are what make MGGS so unique. There are many special events for you to look forward to and create fond memories you will cherish for a lifetime

Maidstone Grammar School for Girls was founded in 1887 with funds provided by the Wardens of Rochester Bridge. The school was opened at Albion Place in January 1888 with 18 pupils. In 1938 the present main building was opened in Great Buckland and additional buildings have since been added to meet the growing size and needs of the school.

MGGS Traditions

At MGGS we have many traditions that we’re proud of. They say a lot about us, about our character, where we’ve come from and where we hope to go. Some of them are pure fun, like House Arts and RAG Week, while others are more challenging like our Great Silence event where the whole school participated in a sponsored silence for the whole school day! There are sports traditions, house traditions, arts traditions and academic traditions, including our annual STEM Week. Such traditions are what make MGGS such a special and inspiring place to learn and thrive.

MGGS Houses

MGGS has a very well established House system going back many decades. Every student is a member of either Britons, Danes, Normans, Romans, Saxons or Vikings. The house system is an excellent way for our students to make friends and collaborate with other students outside their normal academic classes and year group. During the course of the year there are a wide range of House competitions and our Sports Day is also a House based competition. All of the House competitions lead to the awarding of House points. House points are also awarded for a variety of other reasons, including making sustained progress in a subject, producing work of a very high standard or helping with a particular school event or activity. House points are collated and each year the House with the most points wins the House Cup.

House Arts

House Arts is the ‘jewel in the crown’ of our House events and is an annual competition rotating between Music, Drama and Dance. In the space of one term, the sixth form House leaders work tirelessly with members from their Houses from all year groups in the school to produce performances of outstanding quality. The last school day before the October half-term is our official ‘House Arts’ day when all the school gets to watch the six teams perform. A guest judge from the performing arts industry attends the day and presents the awards in our ceremony at the end of the day. House Arts is a tradition that dates back to the 1960’s and is one of the most eagerly anticipated days of the school year.

RAG Week

RAG Week (Raising and Giving) is a treasured tradition at MGGS that raises thousands of pounds every year for local charities and for our partner school in Nepal. For over 50 years students at MGGS have been raising money for good causes with the biggest events taking place in the last school week before the Christmas holidays. RAG week is organised by the Head Students and includes many activities and performances. One of the most popular lunchtime shows is Top of the Pops where teams of teachers and 6th form students perform a dance routine, trying to become this years Top of the Pops. Other regular events include the school Panto, Ads and Trailers where teachers and students act out famous TV adverts, TV shows and films. The week also includes themed dressing up days as well as a RAG ball for the Sixth Form. Watch the short video for highlights of RAG week 2018.

School Production

The annual School Production takes place every February and is performed on two consecutive nights. The cast and backstage team is made up of students from Year 7 all the way to Year 13. Auditions and rehearsals start in October and the Drama department lead the team through 3 months of preparation leading up to the big opening night! Recent past shows include The Crucible, Oliver, Grimm Tales and A Night at the Musicals. Whether it’s acting or helping with sound, lighting, costume or making props there is something for everyone to get involved with. The school production requires commitment and hard work but it is great fun and a really good way to make new friends!

The Crucible - MGGS School Production 2020

From the first beat to the last the audience was captivated by the energy and excellence of the performances in drama, music and dance, complimented by the professionalism of the sound and light technicians, costume, hair, make up and set design. You really are all to be congratulated – it was a first rate show.


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