Traditions of MGGS

Our traditions are what make MGGS so unique. There are many special events for you to look forward to and create fond memories you will cherish for a lifetime

Maidstone Grammar School for Girls was founded in 1887 with funds provided by the Wardens of Rochester Bridge. The school was opened at Albion Place in January 1888 with 18 pupils. In 1938 the present main building was opened in Great Buckland and additional buildings have since been added to meet the growing size and needs of the school.

MGGS Traditions

At MGGS we have many traditions that we’re proud of. They say a lot about us, about our character, where we’ve come from and where we hope to go. Some of them are pure fun, like House Arts and RAG Week, while others are more challenging like our Great Silence event where the whole school participated in a sponsored silence for the whole school day! There are sports traditions, house traditions, arts traditions and academic traditions, including our annual STEM Week. Such traditions are what make MGGS such a special and inspiring place to learn and thrive.

MGGS Houses