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Transitioning to Year 7

Our transition programme makes the journey from primary school to being part of the MGGS community as smooth as possible

Every year we are extremely excited to welcome another cohort of students to begin their own MGGS journey. We understand that moving from your primary school can be a stressful experience and so over the years we have honed an established transition programme that aims to make this big and important shift from primary to secondary education as smooth and peaceful as possible. We plan lots of fun and exciting events in the build-up to starting with us so that you can begin to feel more at home in our buildings and get to know our staff and teachers. We hope that at these events you will also meet your new classmates and make new friends. These events include welcome evenings, taster days, workshops, quizzes, competitions, and our Marchants Hill activity weekend.

Your Questions Answered…

What do I do if I’m late for school?2020-01-15T15:07:03+00:00

If you arrive after 8.40am you should come through student reception, complete a late slip and leave it in the box on the student reception desk.

What do I do if I lose something in school?2020-01-15T15:06:46+00:00

You should immediately report any loss or damage to a member of staff or to the school office.  All items of lost property are handed in to the school office when found. All enquiries regarding lost PE kit should be made to the PE department.  It is important that all your property is clearly named. You are asked not to bring valuable items into school and valuable items should be stored in your locker.  During PE lessons, valuables will be collected in and locked away.

What time should I arrive in school?2020-01-15T14:56:34+00:00

You are allowed into your form room from 8.00am. Morning registration in form rooms is at 8.40am. If you arrive between 7.30am and 8.00am you should go to the canteen.

How many break times are there and how long is the lunch hour?2020-01-15T15:05:12+00:00

There is a morning break of 20 minutes.

Lunchtime is from 1.30pm – 2.25pm.

Valuables and Lockers2020-01-15T15:06:07+00:00

Each student will be given her own locker to store your belongings securely.  We recommend that you go to your locker at break and lunch to collect the items that you need and you will probably need to return and collect books at these times.  You will need a padlock for your locker, and any valuables should either be kept on you or locked in your locker. You should not leave any valuable items unattended.  During the lunch break you are encouraged to participate in clubs and activities.

What can I buy in the school canteen?2020-01-15T15:05:50+00:00

You can obtain hot meals, snacks, salads, sandwiches, drinks, fruit and desserts using the canteen card that will be issued to you on Welcome Day.  If you prefer, you can bring a packed lunch. The canteen is open for breakfast from 8.00am to 8.30am, and at break time and lunch time. Hot food cannot be taken into school buildings, but can be eaten in the canteen or outside.

Can we stay in our form rooms at break and during the lunch hour?2020-01-15T15:05:32+00:00

Yes, you can, but hot food must not be eaten inside; if you have hot food from the canteen, you must eat this in the canteen or at designated outdoor seating areas.  During the lunch break you are encouraged to participate in clubs and activities.

Can I bring my mobile phone into school?