MGGS Alumni and Old Girls’ Society

Once MGGS, Always MGGS!

Alumni are a group of people who have graduated from a school or university. Students past and present are seen as continued partners, providing a crucial opportunity for both the alumni and our current students alike to build their profile and get huge benefits. For our current students, alumni are becoming important professional development help as well as a source of inspiration. For former students, joining this community provides the perfect opportunity to expand their professional connections and meet new people. It also allows them to stay connected to MGGS and keep up to date with our news.

The MGGS Development Trust Community Database

Learn more about the MGGS Development Trust and read our latest news here . Our Community database is open to Alumni, Parents, Parents of Alumni and other friends of MGGS.

Benefits of joining The MGGS Development Trust Community Database:

  • Keep up to date with MGGS News

  • Notification of reunion information

  • Inspire and mentor our current students:
    – Offer work experience placements
    – Practice interviews
    – Speaking to students about your further education/career

  • Networking opportunities

  • Fundraising campaigns and more…

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Old Girls’ Society

The Society was founded by Miss Kidd, Headteacher of the school from 1912 to 1930. So it has been in place for 117 years and counting…………………….

The aim of the Old Girls Society is to keep former students and staff in touch with each other, and with the school. Originally all members were contacted by post, but now many receive information by email, which is easier and less costly.

The members currently meet once a year for the Annual General Meeting, which is normally held in March at the school. A short ‘business’ meeting, held in the school hall, always ends with us singing ‘Land of our Birth’ the school hymn we all remember, which is no longer sung in the school. This is followed by lunch which consists of a cold buffet, a selection of desserts and tea or coffee. Members of the committee arrange and prepare all the dishes most of which are homemade. The lunch is very popular and the room is usually buzzing with chatter and laughter as friends meet up. After lunch a Guest Speaker, usually an ex-student or member of staff, but occasionally a complete outsider, gives a talk on their chosen subject, which may be their training or career, travels or voluntary work around the world, fostering a Russian orphan or teaching the “Darling Buds of May” children, or any other topic. In 2017 Mary Smith, former Headteacher, talked about the book she has written called “A Schoolgirl’s War”. The book tells the story of MGGS in World War Two through reminiscences of old girls who were there at the time, and it is beautifully illustrated by drawings and paintings left in a scrapbook by Miss Hele