Supporting Students with SEND and Medical Needs

We offer a supportive learning environment for our students who may have special educational needs or a disability

Our Aims

Our aim is for every student to be happy at MGGS and to achieve their full potential. We offer a supportive learning environment for our students who may have special educational needs or a disability.

We work within the guidance provided in the SEND Code of Practice 2015, liaising regularly with parents/carers and other professionals as necessary to ensure that each student’s needs are met. We do this by:

  • Identifying, providing, reviewing and evaluating effectiveness of provisions for all students with SEND and medical needs to enable them to access the curriculum that is appropriate to their age group

  • Identifying the SEND and medical needs of students joining the school and planning appropriately for those students’ needs

  • Being alert to the needs of all students who may develop SEND, and to adapt to meet their needs

  • Operating a “whole student, whole school” approach to the management and provision of support for students with SEND and medical needs

  • Ensuring that staff are aware of the needs of students identified as having SEND and medical needs and providing relevant support and advice

  • Regular assessment of student progress

  • Building & maintaining a partnership with parents and students to ensure support is appropriate to individual needs in order for progress to be made

  • Working with external agencies to provide individualised strategies, resources and support.

Students of all abilities and ethnic backgrounds, as well as those with learning difficulties and/or disabilities, achieve exceptionally well because suitable arrangements are in place to ensure that they follow programmes which are closely matched to their needs.


How are our students supported?

Most support takes place within lessons. Some students may need additional active support and this may include:

  • Literacy support; including students who have English as an Additional Language

  • Health Care Plans where there are physical or medical needs