Chromebook Scheme

Embedding technology throughout the school and preparing students for the digital age

At MGGS we believe that technology should be embedded throughout the school and that we should utilise both existing and emerging technologies as a means of preparing our students for the digital age. Learning to use digital resources appropriately and effectively is a very important part of each student’s education. The school recognises the benefits to education of offering students the opportunity to use personal Chromebook devices in school and at home to support and enrich their learning. We believe that Chromebooks will help students take ownership of their education. It will allow them to access materials at the level they want each day. Digital learning enables education to be personalised to a greater extent, so each and every learner at MGGS can achieve their academic potential.

About Google Workspace for Education and Chromebooks

Google Workspace for Education was first adopted within Maidstone Grammar School for Girls during 2013. Initially used for the online storage of teaching and learning documents, its use throughout the school has grown exponentially. Google is now the ‘go to’ tool for almost every task, including, e-mail, teaching and learning documents, homework, assessment, marking and feedback. 

The Chromebook is a laptop, but instead of Windows 10, Chromebooks run Google’s own operating system known as ChromeOS. The devices are often much more lightweight than a conventional laptop. For example, the Chromebook in our 1-to-1 scheme weighs 1.35kg (3 pounds), making it perfect as a portable educational device.

Chromebooks were designed with simplicity, security and shareability in mind, meaning students and teachers can create and collaborate easily and safely. The devices, paired with Google Workspace for Education, will foster teamwork between students and provide a tool for discovery in all areas.  As the devices are Cloud-based, your child can log in with their MGGS email and begin working within seconds of opening their Chromebook, without fear of long bootup or setup times.  

For active minds, we believe learning doesn’t stop when school ends; with a Chromebook device, your child can continue learning whilst at home.

Acer Chromebook